Z1 Robotics Arm Installation

Packing List

Power Adapter1DC24V
Fixed Plate1/
Clip G2/
Net Cable12m
Hexagon socket screws4M6X16
Hexagon socket screws2M2.5X8
2mm Hexagonal wrench1/
5mm Hexagonal wrench1/

Installation of Robotics Arm

When fixing the robotic arm, the user can design and install the platform according to the hole size of the robotic arm base and the real environment. The fixed platform of the robotic arm needs to bear not only its weight, but also the instantaneous dynamic force during the maximum acceleration movement. Four M6 bolts are used for the robotic arm, and the robotic arm is installed with a hex wrench. The base installation please see below:

Installation Diagram of Robotic Arm Base

Certainly, we provide fixing plates and G clips for directly being fixed to the desktop.

Installation of Robotic Arm

Cable Connection

There are two main types of robotic arm cables: power supply cables and telecommunication cables. The connector of the power supply cable of the robotic arm has a mistake-proof function, and the power supply cable can be inserted into the power supply port of the robotic arm as shown in the figure below.


The main network port is used to control the robot, and the auxiliary network port is used to change the default IP address. The two should not be mixed.

The power supply is not hot-swappable.

Connection Diagram of the Robotic Arm