Z1 Robot Arm

Welcome to use the Unitree Z1 robot arm and thank you for your purchase.

This document contains information about the installation and commissioning of the Z1 robot arm, and how to do secondary development based on the API.


Z1 can realize various upper-level control modes such as joint space control, Cartesian space control, etc. It can also realize the low-level control of the underlying joint motors, based on which users can develop their own control algorithms. To achieve the above control relies on the use of the robotic arm SDK.

SDK Download


  1. Be sure to install the robot arm and connect the cables according to the requirements in this manual

  2. Ensure that the robot arm does not collide with people or other objects within its range of activity to avoid accidents

  3. Professional staff is required for commissioning before controlling the robot arm

  4. When using the SDK, you must ensure that the input parameters and operational procedures are correct

  5. The robot arm will generate heat during operation, so please do not touch it during operation or when it has just stopped

  6. Please pay attention to the operation speed of the robot arm, be careful when it is too fast

  7. Be sure to power off when the robot arm is finished using

  8. Be sure to turn off the control program after the robot arm is powered off

  9. Avoid using the robot arm in wet or dusty environments

  10. Please be sure to store and install the robot arm in a place where children cannot touch it to avoid danger