Description of the Warranty Period

  1. After you purchase the Z1 and other related products, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year from the day you receive the product.

  2. If you have purchased a Unitree product that is out of warranty, you can also extend the original maintenance period by purchasing a service.

  3. The customer has the right to obtain the appropriate service from Unitree within 1 year of the maintenance period.

  4. During the warranty period, without Unitree's permission, the warranty period will be void if there is private modification, disassembly or opening of the shell.

  5. Delivery of repaired or replacement parts within 20 days of receipt of the customer's broken part.

Service Scope

Depending on the circumstances, we will repair or replace the Unitree product you have purchased.

  • The following circumstances may cause Unitree to not be available as requested.
  1. Force majeure (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake, lightning strike, etc.) caused by unexpected circumstances.

  2. Deterioration of service conditions caused by social issues (e.g., unrest, war, strikes, government regulation, etc.).

  3. Interruption of energy supply (e.g., electricity, water, fuel, etc.) resulting in failure to perform services.

  • Damage to Unitree products caused by the following reasons is not part of the service commitment.
  1. Damage to equipment manufactured by Unitree due to force majeure events (natural disasters, fire, war, etc.).

  2. Damage to equipment caused by natural wear and tear or wear and tear.

  3. Direct damage caused by the field equipment operating environment (such as humidity) or external factors (such as external electromagnetic interference, failure of internal interconnection equipment, etc.) that do not meet the environmental requirements for normal operation of the equipment that have been indicated in writing.

  4. Massive hardware or data damage to Unitree product due to intentional or negligent, misuse or intentional acts of vandalism.

  5. Damage caused by not operating the equipment in accordance with the operating manual.

  6. Damage to the system caused by the customer or a third party, including unauthorized relocation and installation of the system without following the requirements of Unitree; unauthorized adjustment, modification or deletion of identification marks without following the requirements of Unitree caused by damage.

  7. Not in accordance with the requirements of Unitree unauthorized alteration of the product equipment itself, marking.

  8. System damage caused by the customer's own infrastructure.

  9. Products whose hardware or software has been modified without authorization from Unitree.


  1. Unitree disclaims any express or implied commercial and technical warranties not covered herein.

  2. Unitree does not guarantee that the products/services provided are completely free of defects and fully meet the customer's requirements. Unitree does not warrant that use of the product will be free from problems and interruptions, or that Unitree will be able to fully repair such defects.

  3. In no event shall Unitree be liable for direct or indirect financial losses incurred by the customer as a result of this service specification. Unitree's maximum compensation for losses caused by its own product liability is no more than the amount paid by the customer for the product.

  4. Outsourced parts are not included in the scope of services included in this service specification.

  5. Terminal products and accessories category does not provide on-site service.

  6. The maintenance service provided by Unitree for more than 1 year is an optional service that allows the customer to choose whether to purchase the related service and when to terminate it. If the customer chooses to purchase the related services, the customer allows Unitree to access, capture and process fault, detection, location, and commissioning related information in the provision of the services.Unitree will access and process the information at the customer's request, subject to the customer's consent, and the information will only be used to provide maintenance services. Because Customer is the controller of such information, Unitree cannot confirm whether such information contains Customer's confidential information or personal data, and Customer shall warrant that it will obtain or retain all necessary consents, licenses, authorizations ("Consents") required by applicable law for Unitree to provide the Service so that Unitree will not violate applicable legal requirements, Customer's privacy policy, or Customer's agreements with users. Unitree will take reasonable steps to safeguard such customer information, but Unitree is not responsible for direct or indirect liability resulting from the acquisition and processing of such information in the course of providing the Services.

Other Rules

  1. You will be responsible for postage costs when sending products to Unitree.

  2. Upon receipt of your defective product for warranty purposes, Unitree will test the product to determine the problem and liability. If the product is inherently defective, Unitree will be responsible for the cost of testing, materials, labor and return courier charges.

  3. If the test product does not meet the free repair conditions, you can choose to pay for the repair or send back the original machine, the original machine will be sent back to the courier fee will be borne by you.

  4. If the problem of the product exceeds the scope of the warranty, we will charge the appropriate testing fees, replacement parts, testing fees, labor fees and shipping costs according to the specific problem.